Monday, February 7, 2011

Roger Ballen / Photographs 1969-2009 : ロジャーバレン/フォトグラフ 1969−2009



An Exhibition catalogue for the show at the Munchner Stadtmuseum / Samling Fotografie (11/12/10-02/27/11). Ballen was born in NYC in 1950 and has lived in Johannesburg, South Africa since the 1970s. He has published the total 8 monographs earlier and Kerber Verlag Bielefeld (Germany) published his new book in 2010. It is an ideal overview of his career over 30 years, ranging from classic documentary work in his first book, "Boyhood" (1979) to his imaginary/fictionalized work in "Shadow Chamber" (2005) and "Boarding House" (2009).

It seems like the work of Ballen appears by the dim light of the candle and feel as if his photographs of people, animal and objects (dolls and furniture) are taken in a very narrow and tiny cave. Drawings done with blood, no emotion from eyes of unidentified people ,,,,,All those plots should be understood just as his own subjective imaginary, although, one can't help feeling that it can be his own agenda. He will feel embarrassed since his hidden secret, lust and emotion are now revealed and shown in front of his eyes.. Without obvious decorative elements, Ballen's figurative world awakens one's intuition more physiologically than fantasy of Joel-Peter Witkin.

Photographs 1969-2009
Roger Ballen
Kerber, 2010
ISBN 9783866784628


Other publications:

Boarding House, 2009
Shadow Chamber, 2005
Fact or Fiction, 2003
Outland, 2001
Cette Afrique', 1997
Platteland, 1996
Dorps: Small towns of South Africa, Clifton Publications; 1st ed edition (1986)
Boyhood, 1979

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