Friday, January 22, 2010

Long Live The Large Family (Leve Den Stora Familjen) by Carl Johan De Geer

Carl Johan De Geer (July 1937-) is a
Swedish writer who was most active
in photography as a leftist artist in the
late 60s and early 70s.

"Long Live The Large Family"
(Leve Den Stora Familjen) portrayed
his bohemian life with his family and
friends. The work was generated from a lot of energetic,
youthful and inspiring moments that he enjoyed with
his circle.

Compared to photojournalistic work by Ed van der Elsken
and Anders Petersen, the work attains more private and
intimate temperaments achieved through his positive and
happy life style.

Dashwood Books ( published
"Long Live The Large Family" as its memorable first zine
project in January, 2010.

The book is designed with cropped contact sheet or
movie still type of format, printed on the high quality fine
paper. It is such a treasure to uncover the work that had
been buried for a long time and and to evaluate it as one
of the most characteristic 60s photography in history.

Long Live The Large Family
(Leve Den Stora Familjen)
Carl Johan De Geer
Dashwood Books, 2010

edition size 250 copies

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